Tweak Data Helper

Updated for version 3.38


An utilities class that allows you to modify tweakdata even before its initialized.

Note: Apply and ApplyOverwrites are missing parameters because there isn't a need for them anymore.



ModifyTweak(Table data, ...)

Adds data for add merging into tweak_data. ... contains keys of where you want merge to. For example TweakDataHelper:ModifyTweak({test = true}, "weapon", "factory") this will add merge with tweak_data.weapon.factory. Remember that this is an add_merge not merge which means that it will merge keys and all but indexed values will insert into the table so the end result may not necessarily have the same index

OverwriteTweak(Table data, ...)

Similar to ModifyTweak but instead of add merging this just overrides the data so if we did the example TweakDataHelper:ModifyTweak({test = true}, "weapon", "factory") that would overwrite tweak_data.weapon.factory entirely! The function automatically calls self:ApplyOverwrites(tweak_data) if tweak_data exists


The function that applies the changes to tweak_data. Calls self:ApplyOverwrites too. Not called again after tweak_data is present (self:ModifyTweak automatically add merges with it after that)


Applies the overwrites to the tweak_data. Called either by self:Apply or by self:OverwriteTweak

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