Updated for version 3.38


Bunch of functions useful when dealing with tables from custom_xml files.


FunctionReturn TypeDescription

GetNode(Table tbl, String meta)


Returns the first node the function finds that have the meta meta

FindNode(Table tbl, String metas)


Same as GetNode but allows you to find the node like this: node/a/b/c

GetNodes(Table tbl, String meta)


Same as GetNode but packs every node it finds into a table

GetNodeIndex(Table tbl, Table node)


Returns the index of node in tbl if it finds it. Returns null if it doesn't exist

GetIndexMeta(Table tbl, String meta)


Returns the index of the first node the function find that has the meta meta

GetMetaIndics(Table tbl, String meta)


Like GetIndexMeta but packs every result into a table



SetNode(Table tbl, Table node, Table new_node)

Searches for node in tbl and sets it as new_node

SetNodeMeta(Table tbl, String node, Table new_node)

Like SetNode but searches for the node using a meta

CleanKeys(Table tbl, Boolean shallow)

Cleans the table from keys; keeping only the indices. shallow keeps the cleaning process only in the first level of the table without cleaning it all

CleanIndices(Table tbl, Boolean shallow)

Like CleanKeys but cleans the indices instead. This function including CleanKeys can be used for nodes too

Clean(Table tbl, Boolean shallow)

A special clean function. Removes keys only if the table contains at least two indices of the same meta, removes indices if only one of the same meta as the key exists. In other words, makes sure that when you save the XML it won't duplicate shit

InsertNode(Table tbl, Table node)

Like table insert but, inserts a node properly so script serializer (what converts it into custom_xml) won't think the key and first index are the same thing

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