Updated for version 4.6.

Module Definition

The module inherits ModuleBase. All parameters and functions of this class are inherited by the module.

Module name

The name of the module you use as the meta of the module definition is 'Dependencies' or 'DependenciesModule' if _force_search is set to true in the module definition.

XML Structure

    <Dependency name type version id provider/>

<dependency name type version id provider/>




The name of the mod to depend on. [REQ] For mod_overrides or map mods, this will be the name in main.xml. For blt mods, it will be the name in mod.txt or main.xml if present



The type of mod the dependency is. Options are blt, mod_overrides and map [Default: blt]



The minimum required version of the dependency. [OPTIONAL]



The id of the mod on the server. [OPTIONAL] Having id and provider will add a ModAssetModule to download the dependency.



The provider of updates for the mod/assets. [OPTIONAL] Having id and provider will add a ModAssetModule to download the dependency.


This example is what you would put inside your main node within your mod config

    <Dependency name="Custom Attachment Points" min_ver="2.3.1" id="22546" provider="modworkshop"/>
    <Dependency name="My Cool Mask" type="mod_overrides"/>
    <Dependency name="TheGreatMaze" type="map" min_ver="1.1" id="27125" provider="modworkshop"/>



Load(Table config

Called normally by the module's init function. This is what checks the dependencies. config is the current looping dependencies table (or self._config if not present)

CheckBLTMod(String name)

Goes through the currently added BLT mods and compares the mod name with name, returns true and the mod if found.

CompareVersion(Table dep, String/Number mod)

Compares the versions of the Dependency (dep) and the mod. Creates a ModError if Dependency version is higher than mod version.

CreateErrorDialog(Table dep)

Creates an ModError and add calls AddDepDownload if id and provider are in the Dependency's config.

AddDepDownload(Table dep)

Adds an ModAssetModule to the mod. Called by CreateErrorDialog.

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