Adding your own modules

Updated for version 3.38.

Module Definition

The module is inherited from ItemModuleBase. So base parameters can be found there.

This modules let's you add custom modules.

Module name

The name of the module you use as the meta of the module definition is 'Modules' or 'ModulesModule' if _force_search is set to true in the module definition.

XML Structure

<Modules directory>
    <module file name type_name/>
    <modules directory>

<Modules directory> / <modules directory>

<module file name type_name/>


Modules loaded through this method have to be loaded from mods that have very high priority; making sure all mods that want to use this module, are able to.


This example is what you would put inside your main node within your mod config

<Modules directory="Modules">
    <module file="FoodModule.lua" name="FoodModule" type_name="Food"/>

The module will inherit either ModuleBase or ItemModuleBase (for tweakdata stuff)


FoodModule = FoodModule or class(ModuleBase)

function FoodModule:Load()

function FoodModule:OrderFood()
    local order = self._config.order
    -- TODO

And a mod that would want to use this module:

<Food order="spaghetti"/>

This adds a food module! The heisters are pretty hungry after a day of heisting so they gotta eat.

Just... Gotta code it.

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