BeardLib Class

Updated for version 4.0.

BeardLib class

Contains a few useful functions.





The name of mod which of course is "BeardLib"



Path to BeardLib's folder. Generally mods/BeardLib



A table holding all frameworks of BeardLib



A table holding all managers of BeardLib



A table holding the menus of BeardLib (mods manager and achievements)



A table holding music mods



holds all modules of BeardLib


The BeardLib class inherits most of the functions found in ModCore

Usable functions


AddUpdater(String id, Function clbk, Boolean paused)

Adds an updater which is called after the update function is called. id being the ID of your updater, clbk is the function/callback, and paused determines if the updater should run when paused

RemoveUpdater(String id)

Removes updater with id id

CallOnNextUpdate(Function func, Boolean only_unpaused, Boolean only_paused)

Adds a function to be called in the next update. After it's called once it won't be called again unless you run this again. only_unpaused determines if the function should only run in unpaused state and only_paused is the opposite of it. If both only_paused and only_unpaused are not defined the function will run in both

RegisterModule(String key, Table module)

Registers a module with key which is the type_name of the module and module is the class/table of it. Unlike frameworks you must define this one if you create a module not using MoudlesModule.


Returns the path of BeardLib. Should always be "mods/BeardLib"

RegisterFramework(String name, Table clss)

Adds a framework class to the framweworks list (Called automatically even if you create a custom framework). Though, in extreme cases you may need to use it

RegisterManager(String name, Table clss)

Registers a manager class for BeardLib

RegisterMenu(String name, Table clss)

Registers a menu class for BeardLib. For example, the mods menu

RegisterClass(String name, Any obj, Number typ)

Registers a class. name is the key of the class, obj is the class itself, and typ is one of the values of BeardLib.Constants.ClassTypes. Generally used internally and is verbose.

ModError(ModCore mod, String str, ...)

Called usually by ModCore itself. This error is a little different than the regular Err function in that this will show a message to the user.

Core functions

These functions are automatically called by BeardLib. Therefore, there's no point in calling them. Some are more BeardLib specific.



The initialization function of BeardLib

LoadClasses(Table config, String prev_dir)

Loads the classes that BeardLib uses. config is used have grouped classes inside the Classes table alongside prev_dir.

LoadModules(String dir)

Loads BeardLib's modules by getting all files in /Modules/ or dir. dir is used to load subfolders in the modules folder


Loads the localization files from /Localization adds them to a LocalizationModule afterwards

Update(Number t, Number dt)

The update function for BeardLib

PausedUpdate(Number t, Number dt)

The update function that runs when the game is paused for BeardLib


Adds the mod global value and mod DLC to the tweakdata


Migrates mod settings of BeardLib versions before 4.0 to the 4.0 format. The change involves moving DisabledMods and IgnoredUpdates to the ModSettings table which will hold configurations for mods.


Gets automatically called by BeardLib when entering main menu and there are mod errors to show. Can be turned off by an option

DevLog(String str, ...)

Used by BeardLib for debugging. Generally does nothin without editing the function

Return functions

FunctionReturn TypeDescription

ManagerClass(String name, Any inherit)


Makes a new manager class. With name used to Register it and inherit if you wish to inherit a previous class's functions & variables

MenuClass(String name, Any inherit)


Same as ManagerClass just for menus

ModuleClass(String name, Any inherit)


Same as ManagerClass just for modules

FrameworkClass(String name, Any inherit)


Same as ManagerClass just for frameworks

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