Package Manager

Updated for version 4.0.

To understand how some functions work here read about AddFilesModule

BeardLibPackageManager class

Used to be called CustomPackageManager.

Access it using BeardLib.Managers.Package




A table containing custom packages. Each table has a key being the the Idstring key of the ID and table value containing dir for directory, config for the package data, and id for raw ID


A table containing packages to unload after a restart. Each value in it just containing the config of the package to unload


A table with keys of file names that should be converted into their in-game counterparts. Example, dds is "texture" "bik" is "movie" etc


The table that holds the unit shortcuts. Each key being the meta of the shortcut and the value containing a table with data of what should be loaded. Inside each table you have types of files that should be loaded. Writing just {} will load by default unit, object, and model. Writing any type like "type=true" will load that type. If you need to load multiple files of the same type you write "type={"_thq"}" with the values inside being suffixes to the path


Like UNIT_SHORTCUTS this holds shortcuts but shortcuts only for textures. Each table of a meta key holds suffixes. Example: "df_nm_cc = {"_df", "_nm", "_df_cc"}" loads path_df.texture, path_nm.texture, and path_df_cc.texture



FunctionReturn TypeDescription

RegisterPackage(String id, String directory, Table config)


Registers a package to be loaded using PackageManager:load or BeardLib.Managers.Package:Load. id is the ID (think of the "path" for normal package), directory the directory for the assets. Usually ModPath + "/assets" or "/Assets" the files inside the game will have the path after the defined directory, config is the package config. Almost identical to AddFilesModule. And yes, this means that the config uses _meta values to know what file type is each table. It is recommended to use PackageModule to add custom packages

LoadPackage(String id)


Loads a custom package. id is the id of the package

UnloadPackage(String id)


Unloads a custom package

PackageLoaded(String id)


Returns a boolean determining if the package is loaded

HasPackage(String id)


Returns a boolean if the custom package was registered



LoadPackageConfig(String directory, Table config, Boolean temp)

The function that goes through config and loads all files defined there. Pretty much to understand how it works you need to understand how AddFilesModule works. directory is the directory of the assets and temp will unload the files on restart

AddFileWithCheck(Idstring ext, Idstring path, String file)

Adds a file but checks if the file exists first. Calls self:Err if the file was not found (In AddFilesModule it will call the error on the module class not BeardLib in general) That error shows up in developer mode's errors dialog


UnloadPackageConfig(Table config)

Called by :UnloadPackage and unloads the files of config


Unloads packages that unload on restart. Called by a PostHook in Setup:unload_packages

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